Nanotechnology documentries

Documentaries are a great way to learn things fast and easy while enjoying the show. These nanotechnology documentaries will teach you the essence of the nanotechnology concept with good demonstrations and great examples. These are great for you if you are looking for the very basic without getting yourself entangled with mechanics of the subject.

1) Making stuff smaller : NOVA documentary about nanotechnology that has gained great popularity among the nanotechnology enthusiasts. The documentary is hosted by an american tech writer and TV presenter David Pogue. In the documentary he explores the concept of miniaturization and how we can use nanotechnology to solve major problems in the future.

2) The strange new world of Nanoscience: A great little documentary about nanoscience that covers everything from “what is nano?” to “how it will shape our future?”. The film was narrated by Stephen Fry and won the award for best short film at the Scinema Science film festival 2010. Video courtesy from Cambridge University.

3) Nano, The next dimension: A BBC nanotechnology documentary and touch upon the advances made in Europe in nanotechnology field. The video provides a very good perspective to the nanotechnology and how it will impact all the sciences, manufacturing , communications and consumer materials.


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